Into a Loving Marriage

Featured in: Vol. 09, Iss. 1, No. 17 + By: Larry Pellizzari + Photographed by: John Heil

At first Jesse Hutch didn’t feel like going to a party. But it was a friend’s brother’s birthday and though he’d only known his friend Ryan for a short while—both were actors who’d met on the set of the series “About A Girl”—something compelled him to go. “You know when you have that feeling that you should probably do something but you don’t know why?” Jesse asks. “I had no idea why, but I had to go.”

That decision changed the course of his life.

Loreili Isaak, one of Ryan’s high school friends, was already at the party when Jesse arrived. “I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, who is this guy?’ He was super hot, and later when he gave me a ride home and I found out he was a Christian, I was thrilled, because that was really something I wanted in a man. I remember going home and thinking, ‘That guy will be my future husband.’”

Loreili didn’t waste much time asking Jesse to go out with her. They started hanging out together with mutual friends, and when she heard that country rock band Rascal Flatts was coming to Vancouver, and recalled Jesse saying that he really liked the group, she bought tickets and asked Jesse to go with her.

At the concert, Loreili remembers, “My heart was pounding a million miles an hour. I still didn’t really know if he liked me. But there we were dancing together. Then after the song stopped—it was a slow dance—he was standing behind me, his arm around me and his hand on my heart. I had my hands on his hand and was thinking ‘What’s going on here?’”

Three weeks later, on April 26th, Jesse asked Loreili to be his girlfriend.

That following September, Loreili went to Winnipeg to visit family. Jesse, who had been away in Texas, joined her there. It was his chance to meet the rest of her family and to see where Loreili had grown up. But he also wanted to propose. He found a few minutes alone with her mother and asked for her blessing before he popped the question. She gladly acquiesced, and the next day, as Loreili was showing him the nearby town where she grew up, he proposed on her old elementary school playground.

The following eight months were a flurry of activity as the couple planned their celebration. “It’s our wedding, our journey and our walk, so we wanted to enjoy the moments together,” says Loreili. “We wanted our ceremony to be something that was very personal to us.”

On May 24, 2009 Loreili entered Coquitlam Alliance Church on her mother’s arm and proceeded down the aisle, expecting an instrumental accompaniment. “Instead, there was Jesse with a microphone, singing to me as I walked down the aisle. It was another surprise.” The song was “No Other Love” by Chuck Prophet but Jesse had personalized the lyrics.

Their wedding was marked with many more personal touches and tears of joy. They exchanged heartfelt vows. After they were pronounced husband and wife, Jesse and Loreili partook in an act of love, commitment, and respect. “There’s a story in the Bible where Jesus washes his disciples’ feet,” Jesse explains. “The significance of that story is how we wanted to start our marriage together. Right after we became husband and wife, the first thing we wanted to do was show our commitment and humility to one another by washing each other’s feet. It shows that you’re willing to take a knee and serve the other person.”

“Marriage is about putting the person you’re with before yourself and learning to lay your life down, loving that person through everything,” he adds. “We wanted to have a wedding that touched other people’s hearts and maybe rekindled their love. That was our hope.”

The Dress

Loreili’s strapless ivory raw silk gown was from Bryan’s Bride, and her hair was done by Amber at STATIK Salon on Granville Street in Vancouver.


The Flowers

The flowers were ordered from Cambie Flowers and arranged by Theresa Hartwig, a friend. Loreili’s bouquet featured calla lilies.


The Decor

Tables at the Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club reception were named instead of numbered. “Every name that was chosen was significant to our relationship,” says Jesse. “The ‘Wretched door’ was the nickname that Loreili and I gave to the back door of her old apartment. I despised that door because I always dropped her off there and then made my way home.”


Loreili & Jesse’s Wedding Vendors


Bride’s Dress:
Bryan’s Bride

Bridesmaid Dresses:
Frocks Modern Bridesmaids

Venue – Reception:
Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club

John Heil Photography

Decor Rental:
Dream Decor (chair covers)

Cambie Flowers

Blue Ruby Jewellery

Paper Poet